Breaking News: SAFA Attorney’s Review of the City of San Antonio’s “Independent Review” of the Zoning at 2140 Babcock Indicates Planned Parenthood Doesn’t Belong There!

The San Antonio Family Association’s (SAFA) Attorney, Dennis Drouillard, responds to the City of San Antonio’s “Independent” Reviewer, Mark White’s, legal opinion of the Development Services Department’s zoning decision on the Planned Parenthood at 2140 Babcock. In the review, the SAFA’s attorney finds (1) the “Independent” Reviewer was not truly independent but was retained to provide an opinion in support of the City’s action; (2) Mr. White’s unlicensed opinion is incorrect and Planned Parenthood is improperly at 2140 Babcock; (3) Mr. White’s opinion constitutes the unauthorized practice of law in the State of Texas (Mr. White isn’t licensed to practice law by the State Bar of Texas).

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